Simple mindfulness practice to ground in present moment

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There’s always a situation we feel anxious, stress and pessimistic, what we tend to is just go in negative flow and so on, the better way is to feel grateful and for that we need to be in presence but as you have been suffering through anxiety you are either in past or future and that is terrible.

What have helped me personally is “Five Senses Exercise” !

Five Senses Exercise

Five Senses Exercise literally will bring you down to present moment even with severe anxiety problems,

proper practice of Five Senses Exercise daily twice time in morning and evening and times of anxiety will surely make you heal better and lighter !

So what is Five Senses Exercise:

  • Five Things you can See

  • Four Things you can Feel

  • Three Things you can Hear

  • Two Things you can Smell

  • One Thing you can Taste

That’s It you can try on the spot!!!

leave this blog that’s okay !!

Be Mindful In every moment !

If you want to read more on how to do this here you go !

Five Things you can See

Acknowledge 5 things you can see. It could be a chair , a piece of paper, a bird outside the window or even some bluff on the carpet. Anything that is in your eyeline at this present moment.

Four Things you can Feel

Acknowledge 4 things you can touch or physically feel. This can be a ground your sitting on either tiles, a grass, a chair , a hair on your head or wool on your dress or jeans , Notice the texture.

Three Things you can Hear

Acknowledge 3 things you can hear. Focus on things which are outside your body. Do you hear cars driving fast, a fan or air conditioner or curtains flapping due to wind , can you hear the clock sound? Tune in.

Two Things you can Smell

Acknowledge 2 things you can smell. It can be anything dewry morning grass or pencil lead or any aroma of from kitchen or fresh books pages !

One Thing you can Taste

Acknowledge 1 thing you can taste.

Focus on what inside of your mouth tastes like right now. Do you taste your toothpaste or something you ate last time still have flavour on your mouth? Notice and identify it !

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