The Man Who Said Yes – Zen Story

We are most developed animal on this planet and our superpower is – “Mind”, and this boon, advancement is what is the reason of our suffering!

We have made it complicated, terrible and it is the reason for our suffering but it was a tool for making our life better!

What we do is overthink whatever happens in our life we kept thinking over it label it good -bad, sad-happy either will cry over it or laugh and some things some situations in life left us shattered accomplishments, failures make us go sad, depressed anxious and we suffer!

So here is one of my fav short Zen stories, will change your perspective towards life totally.

Once a man went to a Buddhist monastery in search of silence. After living for some days there he felt better than before, He was now calmer, stronger, feeling better but something was missing.

before leaving a head monk said now you are free to go but before leaving you can talk to any monk if you feel still anything in you is incomplete or lack something that will help you.

A man thinks about this and asks to one of a monk in a monastery, “How do you find peace? ”

Monk smiled and said,” I said yes. To everything that happens, I said yes.”

When the man returned home he was enlightened.

So this was a real story of a man named Kamal Ravikant (Author of Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It),

In an interview he shared his interpretation of monk’s advice:

“Most of our pain, most of our suffering comes from resistance to what is. Life is. And when we resist what life is, we suffer. When you can say yes to life, surrender to life and say: “Okay, what should I be now?” That’s where power comes from.”

In life, many things happen which is not of our will or not for our good but if we keep on thinking this should be gone like that, this should not have happened then we are not only crying on past but ruining present which is developing future for tomorrow.

A student fails, a lover loses his/her love or sad breakup, Job rejection, failure of a startup, finding no value in life, please say yes to whatever happens in life don’t go upstream flow with the stream of life.

This universe is guiding you although sometimes it’s painful It is c his special path for you and for you to take a turn you may have to see disappointments, painful sad moments but do remember the universe is your compass just flow, say yes don’t dwell in anxious negative thinking.

I’m not saying be weak, get suppressed I want to tell you first to Identify what is in your control and what is not If it is in your control go for it if it is not then crying over it will ruin everything.

So are you saying “Yes” to your life?

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