Body Scan Meditation for better sleep and more

You must have already known about meditation but there are many types of meditation and body scan is one of it.

In body-scan meditation the attention is directed at various areas of the body and noting body sensations that happen in the present moment.

This knowledge can make it easier to address what’s wrong, leading to improved wellness in body and mind.

Benefits of Body-Scan Meditation

It creates physical and mental wellness.

  • helps in better sleep

  • improved body health

  • reduced pain and greater self awareness

How to do it?

So here are the simple steps for Body-Scan meditation:

  • Get comfortable:

    • Lie down to comfortable position or sit down to relax position where your arms and legs are not tensed and are relaxed.

  • Focus on Breath:

    • Close your eyes and start focusing on your breath. Don’t force your breath to be slow or fast let it be as it is just focus on it. While inhaling and exhaling focus on your breath. Feel sensation from your nostrils to your lungs.

  • Choose Body part:

    • Begin to focus on the body part it can be head, toe , middle part but recommended is to start either from upper to lower body part or reverse but focus on one spot at time and make sure your breathing slowly but deeply.

  • Pay attention:

    • Open your awareness to every sensation it can be pain, discomfort, stress and pay attention on the feeling.

  • Go slowly :

    • Spend anywhere from 20 seconds to 1 minute observing these sensations and be non-judgmental.

  • Acknowledge the sensation:

    • If you notice any pain or stress it can bring reaction in you that may be discomfort-able. Accept them without criticism. For example, if you feel frustrated and angry, don’t judge yourself for these emotions. Notice them and let them pass don’t

  • Breathe:

    • Continue breathing, imagining the pain and tension decreasing with each breath.

  • Release:

    • Slowly release your mental awareness on that specific part of your body and redirect it to your next area of focus. Some people find it helpful to imagine releasing one body part as they breathe out and moving on to the next as they breathe in.

  • Move along:

    • Continue the exercise along your body in a way that makes sense to you, whether you move from top to bottom or up one side and down the other.

  • Note drifting thoughts:

    • As you continue to scan across your body, note when your thoughts begin to drift. This will happen probably more than once, so don’t worry. You haven’t failed, and you can easily get your thoughts back on track. Just gently return your awareness to where you left off scanning.

  • Visualize and breathe:

    • Once you finish scanning parts of your body, let your awareness travel across your body. Visualize this as liquid filling a mold. Continue inhaling and exhaling slowly as you sit with this awareness of your whole body for several seconds.

  • Come back:

    • Slowly release your focus and bring your attention back to your surroundings.

So hope you like it Be mindful.

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Be Mindful.

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